Monday, January 02, 2012

Dying Rice

When  I taught preschool we would dye rice and pasta all the time with liquid watercolors, I LOVED that stuff.  But it never occurred to me that you could dye them with food coloring as well!  My kids have been deprived and playing with plain old boring pasta and rice…until NOW!

and this is JUST the beginning! 

I had this activity pinned HERE, from this website

I will say though that I found it did not need as much coloring or alcohol as what the recipe on the site calls for.  As I was starting I realized I did not have 2T of food coloring, so I decided to half the recipe and only use 2 c of rice.  But after adding a little less than 1T of color and about 2T of alcohol, I added 1c more of rice, and than another.  And it was plenty colored!  The second batch, I didn’t measure the food coloring, I just added it  until it was the color I wanted.  We used the neon food coloring!

So My recipe is:

4c rice
food coloring (eyeball it)
2T Rubbing Alcohol

It dried really quick, in about an hour – I just spread it out on wax paper on the countertop!

WARNING:  This does stain your skin before it dries…even though I washed my hands numerous times, it finally came off when I washed my hair in the shower. 

I have plans to do some more rice and some pasta too! 

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